Wedding Day Management

This package is perfect for couples who want to plan everything themselves, but prefer not to work on their wedding day. We will ensure your venue is set up as you wish, manage your vendors, and give you peace of mind so you can fully enjoy your special day!

How it works: We will meet with you approximately six weeks before your wedding date to assist with preparing your wedding day timeline. Together, we will attend one venue site visit, to finalize and confirm arrangements with them, and to understand your desired venue layout/design. You will provide us with your list of pre-booked vendors, and we will contact each of them on your behalf, to confirm and finalize the details. We will help to tie up any loose ends, and offer advice on anything you may not have thought of. We believe it is important that you enjoy every moment on your wedding day and are able to calmly flow through it without any worries. Let us take on the stress of the actual wedding day, so you can fully enjoy and absorb all the memories of your special day. 

(starts at $1299)