What Exactly is a Pop-Up Wedding??

A POP-UP Wedding is a pre-planned day where a number of couples say their vows in short, intimate ceremonies, at different times.   It’s an all-inclusive ceremony package, with all the trimmings.

Your planner, together with the venue,  take care of the logistics. A team of professional vendors work together, so that the couple only has to book a time, dress to be married, and show up!

POP-UP Weddings are perfect for couples who are looking for a more affordable way to get married, without compromising on the quality of their day. They are stylish, and budget friendly yet low stress because we take care of all the details.   POP-UP Wedding Packages include up to ten guests, or more, at a reasonable  additional fee.  You will exit the venue as newlyweds, then head off to complete your celebration as you choose.

Why Consider a POP-UP Wedding package: 

  • POP-UP Weddings offer significant cost savings.

  • POP-UP Weddings can be booked last minute, based on availability.

  • POP-UP Weddings can easily be planned from a distance.